Top 9 Marketplaces to sell Creative items online in India

“For the creators who are keeping the art of handicrafts alive in India”

India – a landmark of diversity, from ancient traditions and artistic heritage to feast of festivals and culinary creations –is also a kaleidoscope of craft villages of Kachchh, tribal arts of Odisha and romantic arts of Bengal. Its beautiful handicrafts and artefacts with unique designs and quirky devices is a gazing and alluring experience. There’s no doubt that India has so much to offer –just that the artisans should know of their potentials and platforms to sell.

We have curated 9 marketplaces that can be a good fit for makers, creators and innovators who are just considering the idea of getting their products in the hands of customers in simple clicks.

  1. Etsy

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Breaking the trend for the innovative endeavour, Etsy gives artisanal products a platform for displaying creative works of jewellery, clothing, decorative items and other handicrafts by independent boutiques and artists in India and across the globe. Artistic expression comes alive with their curation of products, and creators are given a portal to show the world their skill.

  1. The India Craft House

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The India Craft House is one of those rare e-commerce marketplaces that represent the rich folk and handcraft heritage of India in a contemporary style. All the products are sourced directly from artisans or NGOs (working closely with folk and artisan communities) from every nook and corner. Well, the attention-grabbing thing is their ‘Shop by State’ option, which lets you explore the traditional and folk craftsmanship from different states of India.

  1. CraftsVilla

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CraftsVilla is known as the place to discover unique products of India. The website sells traditional apparels such as sarees, handcrafted gift items, home decor and accessories. The products come from individual artisans who are working with Indian handicrafts and arts.

  1. QTrove

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Qtrove is a curated marketplace that exhibits and sells natural & sustainable products such as Personal Care, Baby Care, Pet Care, Home Essentials, Home Decor Products & more from passionate entrepreneurs. Though the intriguing part about the Qtrove is, if you love to cook or bake then you’re at the right place to sell your passion for food and beverages.

  1. Engrave

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Engrave aka ‘The Maker’s Market’, is an online marketplace for DIYers and hobbyist entrepreneurs across India, with a happy mix of both rural and urban makers. From hand-woven baskets and beaten metalware to funky tees, fashion accessories, bags, home décor, handmade bath and beauty products, this smorgasbord of unique products from a variety of makers appeals to different tastes and design sensibilities of all online shoppers.

  1. Unfactory

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Unfactory is an online marketplace created primarily to help independent artists and creators and to strengthen the power of craftsmanship and sustain craft-people by taking them forward into a digital era. Here, they are committed to shape things from an ‘Artist first’ approach and focus on artists and creators to give them their due recognition and be rewarded suitably.

  1. Culture Truck

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Culture Truck is a portrayal of the amalgamation of ideas, beliefs and artistic awareness to bring together the art enthusiasts whether the creator or the admirer, to focus on the manifestations of the human thought process. If you love everything that is unique, exclusive, and innovative or is always on the lookout for style with substance, you will love Culture Truck.

  1. Coppre

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Coppre is a marketplace for handcrafted metal-based products, which also enables B2B mode of business. These could include metal bowls, metal jars, plates, lights, bathroom accessories, kitchenware, pooja (puja) artefacts, gift items, etc

  1. ArtyOwl

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ArtyOwl is getting artisans on a platform that enables both B2B (wholesale) and B2C (retail) modes of business. The products sold on the site are made from materials such as wood, ceramic, cork, fabric, however, the USP of ArtyOwl is selling consumable products like jams, sauces, handmade soaps, etc.

Are you all charged up yet? So take out your creative bug and create some astonishing masterpieces. Fair warning — Get a credit card, you’re likely to be short of places to keep your money after this. To know more about, how to sell on online marketplaces, get in touch with

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