Building an ideal product portfolio for our clients, with a perfect catalogue, that includes a 360-degree overview and all-round width to depth proportions, as per feedback from the marketplaces, is essential to us.

Our experts use proven marketing tools to professionally manage portfolios, where all the products can be classified in one of the following categories, based on its market shares and market growth:

  1. Dogs: These are products with low growth or market share.

    These are the deadlock products whose time has been out and are prone to offer no future profits. Simply keeping them on the market is wasting resources generated by Star and Cash Cow brands. Dogs should be disposed off, unless they somehow contribute to the sales of other brands/products within the portfolio.

  2. Question marks:These products are generally available in high growth markets, with low market share.

    These can be described as tomorrow’s victors. Often relatively young brands, they are yet to expand their potential within the industry and therefore require the greatest investment from the success of Cash Cow brands in order to exploit the fast market growth and be ahead of competitors.

  3. Stars: Products in high growth markets with high market share.

    These brands are at their pinnacle, holding a large market share in a growing market–therefore requiring continued investment to hold or enhance their position, as competitors continually enter the market and enhance.

  4. Cash cows: Products in low growth markets with high market share.

    These are yesterday’s top products in enterprises, that have reached its saturation. Cash cows are apparently the most important category for companies, as they require very little further investment to generate revenue – allowing for profits to be reinvested into Stars or Question marks.

After detail analyses of the value of your products whether to invest or to liquidate it, we assist you in marketing your products. Our keen identification selects and researches the demand in the market for cataloguing. The medium is different, but the strategy remains the same- milk the cows, don’t waste money on the dogs, invest in the stars and give the question marks some experimental funds to see if they can become stars.

Your interests are our interests.



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