We provide you full-fledged order processing services, to ship all your orders after defining your picking, packaging preferences, all from a single screen. We also, engage with the customers through email, to ensure their content.

Our services include: 

Verification: The foremost step in order-processing systems is to verify the accuracy of the order—that is, to assure no internal errors are there in the documents. The latter step is to verify the customer’s credit or ability to pay.

Order-Pick list: 

After determining the inventory point to ship the goods, instructions are sent to that warehouse to fill the order. At the warehouse, an “order-picking list” is given to a warehouse worker, who deals with the specific order.

Package formation: In this labelling, and proper packaging, according to the commodity is done.

Invoice: An invoice is generated for the product and is sent to the buyer, as well as various inventory and financial records, are updated. Both the shipper and buyer maintain the “order cycle”, to indicate the timeline for delivery.

Manifestation: The traffic manager prepares the transportation documents and notifies a carrier to pick up the shipment. We keep track of your products from picking, packing, and delivery of the packaging item to provide a complete hassle-free shipment. In e-commerce, we consider all the specific needs of the customers, while designing an order processing, to keep each transaction a delight for the customer.

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