Migrates from Magento to Shopify to diversify its Ecommerce business is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of fine riding products. The company’s roots go back to the year 1992 when JPC India started out as a producer of fine riding breeches. JPC expanded to produce other fine riding equipment. Realizing that the B2B market depends on a volatile demand and supply system, they wanted to alleviate this dependency. was a promising venture that would introduce JPC to the world of e-commerce. needed an omnichannel solution to deal with this situation which led them to reach out for a Shopify partner, who could help the brand migrate from Magento to Shopify and also, assist the brand in maintaining the demand-supply chain.  It was high time that the brand harnesses the power of multi-channel eCommerce and avoid any unpropitious business. 3 months put into executing data transfer from the old platform to new, website development and optimization, and 301 redirects have stationed as a successful e-commerce business. Now, the brand looks forward to a promising future.


UX Design
Magento to Shopify Migration
App Integration
Marketplace Registration
Marketplace Management
360° Digital Marketing

The Situation:


Having their roots deep into the business of manufacturing and distributing fine riding equipment and apparel JPC India is a pioneering organization. The Brand had solidified its presence as a B2B business model over the years. However, technological advancements and an upsurge in E-Commerce businesses could destabilize and downshift the offline B2B business. “We have created a legacy, a brand that represents Passion for a graceful lifestyle, we need to step into the age of E-commerce and B2C model of business,” said JPC’s Business Development Officer.

Without dawdling, JPC India decided to take a step towards the possibility of a diversified multichannel E-commerce business following a B2C model through  “We need to follow a strategic plan and execute all aspects of it, we need a website that is compatible with different devices and screen sizes, and we want to sell our products on popular marketplaces.”  “We cannot compromise our product data, and customer data.”

The Solution:


JPC required a trusted Shopify Plus partner who could successfully migrate their existing website ( from Magento to Shopify which would simplify the B2C model of business that they were looking forward to. The founders have a strong mind and they had made it obvious in their first meeting with PSH. “We want a complete solution, right from marketplace account creation, to listing the products, to order management and also increased brand awareness.” 

Marketplace Management: Optimizing the B2C model

Breeches now leverages Amazon, eBay and Walmart to make consistent sales. PSH created verified seller’s account for Breeches on these channels and also manages product listing, listing optimization, competitor and Market analysis, and pricing optimization. Our team gives detailed attention to the account health preventing the marketplace accounts from unexpected suspensions. 

Magento to Shopify: a graceful migration for smooth business

Shopify renders a better user experience; it is fast and more responsive than many E-commerce platforms and comes with an easy to customize backend. This facilitated PSH to migrate the entire breeches website from Magento to Shopify in a span of 3 days. In this process, our team imported all the customer data which included orders and reward point data, and a ginormous product data of 10,000 products. Dedicating an additional 27-day period to customize the website and integrate useful applications increased the functionality of the website by two folds. This help PSH provides Breeches with a responsive user interface (UI) which will improve the user experience (UX). Also, it helped accelerate the mobile pages. This has helped to deliver a mobile-friendly website.

Integrated Applications to Improve the website's functionality

Integrating useful applications for customer reviews, email marketing, reward point generation, and Shopify payment gateway helped PSH provide Breeches with a smooth E-commerce experience.

Harnessing the power of social media and digital marketing

PSH maintains social engagement of the brand through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Relevant and regular posts have helped us generate awareness that help Breeches evolve as a B2C business model. Our team boasts the brand’s marketplace accounts via highly-targeted ads on Facebook, and promotional ads on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. This helps generate consistent and profitable revenue.

Making the most of Affiliate marketing and Email marketing

PSH introduced an affiliate program on the brand’s website and promoted it which facilitated further increase in sales. Email marketing has helped target a wider audience over months which brings in 30% of sales on an average.

A Responsive Design

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PSH provided user-experience consulting and user-interface design for Breeches’s website.


Migrating from Magento to Shopify proved beneficial for the brand. Marketplaces contribute to 94% of the brand’s revenue. Since December 2018, Breeches has been able to accelerate its revenue by a 400% increase in ROI. Meanwhile, Breeches continues to work as a B2B business through its B2B website ( PSH continues to work in close association with Breeches for consistent growth. “Nothing changes if nothing changes. The idea of investing time and skills into B2C has been wonderful,” says JPC.