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Lifestyle brand envisioned for a modern shopping experience

JPC India has been a flag bearer in the world of fine riding products since the year 1992. As a successful export house, JPC exports its products to 55 countries pan Europe and America, which includes fine riding breeches, tack items, and pet products. 3 years ago, in 2016, JPC decided to explore the world of e-commerce to expand its reach in the age of online shopping. This marked a new and exciting beginning for JPC in the face of JUMP USA, an equestrian-lifestyle inspired brand. Created to become an essential part of the modern Indian’s lifestyle, JUMP USA is the personification of exemplary quality in the form of lifestyle products. The brand opened its first flagship store in Connaught Place, New Delhi, India, followed by two factory outlets. Realizing the power that e-commerce has, JUMP USA decides to invest in creating an online store of their own, through which they will be able to cater to a much larger audience than a flagship store. While, JUMP USA’s flagship store in CP has become a favourite among traditional shoppers, in a short span of three years, JUMP USA has made a fortune out of the e-commerce expansion it trusted. The brand continues to dress Indian men and women in sheer elegance as they shop for fine-quality polo-shirts, and trousers among other items.


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The Situation:


Since its beginning, JUMP USA has had clear goals, the brand was here to become a household name in India by delivering fine-quality apparel and accessories at affordable prices. Since the brand had to deal with the Indian market, it needed a solid foundation to rely on. After preliminary research, JUMP USA approached Prime Seller Hub for a deeper insight of the Indian market, about how they could manage to reach their end goal: to provide the customer with remarkable products without having to think about being taken as ‘yet another online retailer trying to sell misleading products.’

Once everything was clear, PSH had a lot to do: there was JUMP USA’s image as a quality-driven lifestyle brand to maintain and were a zillion of competitors out there on the marketplace that JUMP USA had to outshine. JUMP USA had to reach the masses before becoming a favourite.

The Solution:


Prime Seller Hub catalyzed JUMP USA to reach this target through prolific Warehouse Management System(WMS), and a 360° digital marketing solution that would take the brand’s name to the forefront of the Indian audience’s attention. 

The first step: creating a Shopify Plus e-commerce website

PSH created a Shopify Plus e-commerce storefront for JUMP USA. The website is customer-centric with its vivid and an eye-pleasing color-play is a treat to the visual senses. It provides rich user experience(UX) to the site visitors. Since, jumpusa.in is an e-commerce store PSH made sure to incorporate minor details that affect the buying cycles of customers, the website responds quickly to the user commands, any buyer can track an order by entering the order ID, any easy search button takes the user to the desired product, and tagging any item in the wishlist is possible with the tap of a button.

Marketplace Management Solution: made a whole lot of difference

PSH helped launch JUMP USA on various marketplaces with ready-made audiences. Myntra was the first, followed by Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. A team of dedicated individuals looks after JUMP USA’s marketplace accounts, runs prolific and time-based promotional ads over the platforms to pump up the sales, and also handles the customer queries. This helps PSH provide JUMP USA with valuable customer and market insights through which, they create fresh designs that its customers adore and know it for.

Integrated Warehouse Management System speeds up JUMP’s E-commerce

Mapping the physical warehouses made auditing and picking up orders a manageable task. Integrated Warehouse Management helped PSH assist JUMP USA in managing the inventory and keeping up with the supply chain.

A 360° digital marketing solution

JUMP USA is growing to become a favorite and this has been possible with the help of an effective marketing plan that spans across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Facebook and Instagram make the major platforms from where JUMP USA redirects its visitors to the website and make a purchase. Apart from contributing towards the sales, these platforms have helped JUMP USA to increase its brand value through interactive posts and irresistible promotional campaigns.

A Responsive Design

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PSH provided user-experience consulting and user-interface design for Jump USA’s website.


JUMP USA has been able to make a 300% increase in revenue since it started in 2016. The brand has been able to become a popular name among both online and offline shoppers, it has been able to maintain a constant demand-supply chain which elevates with time and efforts. PSH now plans to expand JUMP USA’s reach by channeling towards Google Ads which will be helpful to bring exponential growth in sales. Also, JUMP USA will soon use an omnichannel Warehouse Management System(WMS), which will become the center of managing all the marketplaces, online store, as well as the flagship stores and the factory outlets.