It’s an all-too-common feeling amongst marketers who are responsible for increasing traffic, boosting engagement, testing, and most importantly increasing conversions.
Therefore, Analytics Reporting for e-commerce is essential to understand and interpret the market system. If you’re a growing e-commerce company, the chances of changing your site’s user experience (UX) becomes just as fast as you are growing. The more site visitors you acquire is equal to the more UX problems. More customers mean more channels, more device-types, more browsers, and more things that can potentially go wrong. This necessitates expertise to pull the relevant and accurate data to ensure your company’s data-based decisions.

Data always wins!

3 reports that require immediacy for your business are:

1. Product Performance Report- To view what products are performing best.
This report allows you to see how much revenue generates from an individual product, How many unique purchases occurred, The quantity sold, and average price. On top of that, It let you map the shopper engagement for a particular product.

2. Search Terms Report- To learn what content or products your customers are looking for. This report shows how customers are using your site, If you have a search function set up on your e-commerce site, it’s a huge oversight not to have this report in place.

This report allows you to see how many pages did it take for visitors to find what they wanted, how many visitors gave up and dropped the website, Which keywords didn’t have good enough results, and forced users to refine their terms, What are the most common search queries.

3. Mobile Performance Report- This capture sale that you’re missing because of poor Mobile Performance.
It’s important to understand which device your most valuable customers to ensure that you’re delivering an exceptional shopping experience to them. You can use this data to funnel ads into a particular device type.
On the flip side, it’s important to understand which device-types are performing poorly, that highlights room to improve and capture potential revenues.

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