Product & Seller account Review helps you to optimize your listing.
Product Account Review

Our digital nomads track the marketplaces and your e-commerce brand stores to optimize your listings, spy upon competitors remarks and accumulate 360-degree overview guidance, to convert guest into customers and to bring ease in their shopping adventure. With comprehensive research and diverse practices in marketing, our experts modify the shortcomings in your product detailing through:-
1. Size chart
2. Content creation
3. Description
4. Product dimensions
5. Additional Bullet points
6. Image Backgrounds
7. Infographics

Seller Account Review
Our skilled personnel handle Matrix with sellers, to monitor and manage marketplaces product reviews and to overlook their sales graph, for keeping track of every glitch for lesser negative reviews.

1. Order defect rate- We monitor defects in your products which might result in lower sales.
Negative feedback – We keep an eye on customer’s negative remarks and to circumvent it ASAP. We use contact details of unhappy customers, download new feedbacks automatically from buyers, acquire order details to find buyers with negative feedbacks and lastly, our free auto-email plan enables small sellers to get major positive reviews.

2. Late shipment rate: In many scenarios, order shipment gets late and customer tends to review negatively. Therefore, we keep in charge of all shipments and provide a track record to avoid any trouble during shipments.

3. Cancellation Rate: Mostly, customers cancel the order due to personal reasons. To compensate the loss of shipment and the whole transaction; we help you in claiming and refunding the valuable amount.

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