Daphne Bags

Solidifies its B2B business model over a self-serving portal.

Daphne is the manufacturer of versatile, eco-friendly, and bespoke bags, bar and travel accessories from recycled material. Each product manufactured by Daphne is unique because Vijay Shekhar, CEO, and Founder, see more in disposed off truck tarps and military tents than meets the eye. Daphne had found a fan-base in people who care for nature, and those who love to express through bespoke products. Their only limitation was that the business was stuck with an inept method. Contemplating Daphne’s requirements and synchronizing them with technology made possible for the brand to provide a one-stop solution. As a result, Daphne is able to cater to their existing as well as new customers without having to deal with the redundant paperwork. 


UX Design
Custom Signup Form
Accessible catalogues
Minimum order value
Customer Tagging
Made to order form

The Situation:

Fashion and business came naturally to Vijay Shekhar, he is a successful businessman who could clearly see that the fashion industry had a downside too. This led him to lay the foundations of Daphne, a brand which defends nature by opposing non-biodegradable raw material, end products or waste. Daphne moulded itself in a B2B business which led Vijay to meet Alok, Founder, PSH.  “Following a B2B business model can prove fruitful but traditional methods are redundant and time-consuming, we need to make the process simpler for our customers as well as the company,” stated Vijay on his first meeting with Alok. Daphne knew exactly what it wanted: a robust platform from where they could manage fresh orders and also cater to their present customers. Vijay accepted the fact that B2B was understated for long and once accompanied by an authentic presence on the internet, such businesses could cater to different customers by their needs. “Just like each of our products is unique, our customers are different too. We can not serve the same dish to every customer, we need a customer-centric approach,” said Vijay while discussing Daphne with Prime Seller Hub.

The Solution:

Daphne is an innovative and progressive lifestyle brand since it has an exclusive fan-base, Vijay settled down on the idea of designing a Shopify website. “Our products are bespoke and unique, our customers are exclusive so should be our website,” said Vijay while signing a project with Prime seller Hub.

Made to order form for bespoke products

While each of Daphne’s products is beautifully unique, B2B customers can simply fill up a form and receive bespoke products. This way the brand is able to meet customer specific requirement by delivering the requirements mentioned in a form filled by the customer. 

Custom Signup Form

Anyone who develops an interest in the idea of making a living out of reselling upcycled products can become B2B partners with Daphne. For this process to occur smoothly, the brand required to validate the members before allotting a membership. A custom sign up form helps Vijay gain control of member selection. Once a customer is approved, a link is sent through which a password can be set. This facility is an advanced version of Shopify’s default signup wherein the member needs no approval to join.

Accessible catalogues for an easy business

PSH developed a Shopify website for the brand which hosts a catalogue of all of Daphne's products, alleviating the need to send out an updated catalogue every single time a new product is launched. Visitors of the website can view the products but they will have to be a member to view the pricing of each listing. Anyone who has signed in with Daphne can log in to a personal account and access dynamic catalogues.

Minimum order value setting and Customer Tagging

Since the brand is a B2B model setting up a minimum order value was necessary to keep up with its identity as a wholesaler under the model. There is a minimum order value limit set on Daphne’s products, which helps avoid triflers. Customer tagging is another feature which allows the brand to identify different customers which allows the customer, who is also a member, to avail of tag exclusive offers.

A Responsive Design

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PSH provided user-experience consulting and user-interface design for Daphne’s website.


Since B2B buying cycles are planned, logical and based on customer needs rather than being emotional, and based on wants or desires, Daphne required a self-service portal for its existing customers. Prime Seller Hub developed a clean and responsive website for the brand which now serves as a real live product catalogue for both old and new customers. “Since the website is up and running our customers find the process of order placement and easy task while it has become a lot easier to keep track of and fulfil the orders,” says Vijay.