Leveraging Prime Seller Hub to advance its growth by 400%

Berrylush is a young high-street fashion brand which designs and manufactures fashion-forward apparel for women. Since its inception in 2017, Berrylush has sold more than 80,000 pieces of apparel pan India. It’s customers love the trendy designs, excellent craft, and satisfying quality that the company provides.  Berrylush sells through marketplaces as well as from its custom-built website. As of DATE, robust social media marketing, engaging web design, and excellent product photography has helped Berrylush enjoy a 400% growth. Promising results of past years have endowed this young fashion-house to expand its presence on the physical map, as it opens its first retail store in Connaught Place, New Delhi.


Smooth Website Design
App Integration
Impressive Product Photography
360° Digital Marketing

The Situation:


As a young fashion brand, Berrylush was new to the ever-growing e-commerce industry. With thousands of websites sprawling the internet every day, Berrylush needed a lot more than brilliant web design. It needed high-definition product photography to levitate customer engagement which has a major impact on e-commerce sales. 

Berrylush needed assistance to manage an elaborated product catalogue which was to be listed on various marketplaces. Also, the brand wanted to leverage Social Media Marketing to create brand awareness which would help increase the revenue. Saving time by having someone handle the order management and site optimization could allow the brand to focus on product development and customer satisfaction.

The Solution:


After spending some time to figure out companies that provide product photography in Delhi, Berrylush inferred that Prime Seller Hub offered the best services, which could meet its goals. 

Berrylush fathomed that Shopify experts/ Shopify partners who could help Berrylush sell online were necessary for the young business to flourish. 

“Prime Seller Hub was able to calibrate a robust platform to tell  our story which helped create a distinct online presence, and gave us a jumpstart during our initial years.” Says Anusha, CEO, Berrylush. 

“The main challenge was to devise an elaborate catalogue of a huge range of products without compromising with the responsiveness and essence of the site’s design,” said Anusha. “We also needed assistance with continuous site optimization and Social Media Marketing. During the design meetings and planning sessions, PSH conveyed that it had the technology, flair and a diligent team, which intrigued us.”

Web design that reflects the brand

After meeting the founder of Berrylush, PSH discovered that we had similar interests: A knack for simple yet powerful designs, quality-driven services and zest to cater to a dedicated customer base. The first meeting set everything clear and we brainstormed over the web design, which would reflect the founder’s innate desire, to adorn the women of the world in high-street fashion. Pastel colours and simple navigation throughout the website reflect Berrylush’s playful vibes.

Meticulous work helps reach the goal

Delivering an impressive web design would have been a partial accomplishment. PSH integrated with Berrylush to manage multiple channels, product photography, and social media marketing.

Things do not slow-down at Berrylush

Shopify is a fast and effective e-commerce platform. We integrated a bunch of service-centred apps which bring more flexibility and functionality to the website. Editable homepage let's Berrylush showcase new arrivals, fresh deals and major announcements without any hassles.

Content strategy and marketing on point

Berrylush’s embodies the spirit of youth and it was important to connect to the target audience to make things brighter for the brand. The brand’s product page content is to-the-point with custom size charts. Everything that a customer wishes to learn about the products is placed in the front-and-centre. Multi-channel marketing increases brand awareness and helps generate steady leads for Berrylush.

A Responsive Design

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PSH provided user-experience consulting and user-interface design for Berrylush’s website.


Since working with Prime Seller Hub, Berrylush has substantially increased its revenue and solidified its online presence. The company made more than FIGURE in annual revenue in YEAR and is selling across the country. Customer-centric approach has led us to develop a steady customer base and significant brand awareness. The result is constant growth and a promising future. 

“It’s exulting to learn that e-commerce is an effective way to reach a targeted audience, cater to their needs, and become an indispensable part of their lives, said Anusha.” “ Since customers’ requirements may vary, PSH has helped us to cater to our customers in the most effective manner.”

PSH and Berrylush have planned to expand the blooming business. Berrylush looks forward to opening flagships stores in major Indian cities, with its first flagship store being located at Connaught Place, New Delhi, India.