Embraces E-commerce to levitate its revenue

Krossstitch is a manufacturer of fine-quality denim apparel. The company started out in the year 2015, and soon enough, boyhood/childhood friends Rakesh and Tejvir realized that manufacturing quality products won’t make any difference unless people know about this brand. Krossstitch needed a solution, complete with market research, product development, website development and marketplace listings. A year driven by purpose, trial and error and some A/B testing brought all ducks in a row, as a result, everything’s coming up roses for Krossstitch. Ecommerce opened new and promising doorways for the brand as it witnessed an upsurge in sales.


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The Situation:


Having pursued a course in textile manufacturing, Rakesh, Co-founder of Krossstitch, was well-versed with the technological aspects of manufacturing irresistible quality denim, the only hitch was that the manufacturing businesses were no more reliable. The effectiveness of e-commerce had manoeuvred traditional manufacturing businesses, which lead to a dwindling market with lesser opportunities to grow.  “One can persist with traditional processes and live with dismal revenue, or invest some time, do research, and switch gears to e-commerce and earn happy figures,” said Rakesh. 

Krossstitch was clear of what it needed: a digital presence on the internet, the insight of buyers’ persona and market trends, marketplace integration that would levitate the sales. The brand was ready to step into the current age of e-commerce and leverage it. This leads Tejvir, Co-founder of Krossstitch, to go in retrospect and research all the e-commerce related nitty-gritty. “We will need a clean website, complete with impactful product photography, optimized product content, and we want it real quick,” said Tejvir when he first met Prime Seller Hub. 

The Solution:


After settling their mind over the idea of making the shift to a fresh and reliable model of E-commerce, Rakesh and Tejvir contacted Prime Seller Hub. “The selection criteria were simple, we needed a proficient partner to help us create a digital imprint and sell online,” they say. “Prime Seller Hub offered an array of services to help Krossstitch thrive the changing market trends.”

E-commerce store that imbibes the raw feeling of fine-denim

When it came to designing a Shopify storefront for Krossstitch, PSH knew what to do. We delivered a clean and secure e-commerce website. The home page features hues in various tones of blue, which does justice authentic denim vibes of the brand. The site responds at the blink of an eye, and the product pages are neat and complete with all the essential details. Along with an impressive site design, PSH delivered high-definition product photography which showcases denim apparel in a refreshing manner because pictures play a vital role in the customers’ buying decision.

Insights help develop products that sell

Simply put, not everything sells. For a product to sell it has to be of exceptional quality, features and appearance. As a quality producer of denim, Krossstitch had what it takes to manufacture sturdy and appealing denim apparel, the problem was producing fresh designs that sell. PSH’s team intervened to solve this problem by doing rigorous market research and analysing fashion trends over the past years. As a result, Krossstitch introduced a collection of denim jackets in the year 2016. PSH’s fashion industry consultants worked closely with Rakesh and Tejvir to develop jacket and jeans designs that sell online.

Marketplace integration for a full-fledged online sales experience

Marketplaces offer opportunities that rising brands need to grow in the competitive e-commerce world. An impressive design makes a great product to sell on various marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Limeroad, among many others. PSH opened new revenue streams for Krossstitch using these marketplaces to elevate its brand presence across India. A team looks after the complete management of all the marketplaces which includes, product listing, product page optimization, campaigns and advertisements and marketplace order processing along with payment reconciliation.

A Responsive Design

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PSH provided user-experience consulting and user-interface design for Krossstitch’s website.


Since the beginning of its online journey in 2016 Krossstitch has been able to upscale the sales. There has been a tremendous drift in revenue generation which helped Krossstitch grow by 250%. It has been a conscientious journey which traversed from scratch to the brand being able to sell around 3000 units per month.

PSH and Krosstitch now plan on focusing on boosting sales through the brand’s official website. As of now, major sales for this brand come from marketplaces.