6 Great Home Business Ideas for Retirees

“Time to live your plan-B”

 22 tak padhai,

25 pe naukri,

26 pe chokri,

30 pe bacche,

60 pe retirement,

Aur phir.. ‘Maut ka Intezaar’

huhh, aisi ghisi piti life thodi jeena chahta hu mein ? ….

The most famous, monologue by Ranbir Kapoor in “Yeh jawani hai deewani “has marked an inspiration amongst many millennials. Truly, we don’t want to live our life like this. Do we?

While many people look forward to the lazy days of retirement, many retirees want to go on a world tour, while many others are not ready to stop working. Getting another job is an alternative and reliving the early life. However, beginning a home business allows for greater flexibility and freedom that retirees have earned after a long career.

Here are six home business ideas that can allow retirees to benefit from what they know or love to do:

 1. Bed-and-Breakfast


Start with the home comfort, where you can find a rewarding employment opportunity. If you have a full house to yourself, running a bed-and-breakfast (B&B) is a good business idea. In case you are selling at sea, a B&B is a lodge that offers guests an overnight stay and breakfast. It’s becoming more commercial because visitors prefer being treated as invited guests than as anonymous boarders in some hotel or guesthouse.

 You can host on Airbnb and Tripping.com. 

 2. Turn a Hobby into a business


Fortunately, home businesses can be developed from hobbies. Do you enjoy painting? Start a painting business or create how-to-paint vlog (i.e. ebooks, video tutorials) and sell them. Do you enjoy baking? Start a home-based cake business and sell it online. Nearly any hobby can be turned into a potential business.

3. E-commerce business


After years of working and raising a family, you probably have a lot of stuff around the house. You can benefit from your used and undesired items by selling them on eBay or Amazon. If you want some good conversion, select the product and find sources of them at flea markets, garage sales, and thrift shops to start your own eBay store.

Amazon also offers the ability to sell used items. Besides, if your hands are on crafts or have vintage stuff, you can make homemade goods and sell it on Etsy. There are various other marketplaces where you can sell your electronics, clothing, artwork, books, jewellery etc.

4. Share your experience: Writing


At this age, experience counts. People go online for information and entertainment. If you can provide what they’re looking for through a blog or freelance writing, or a novel, you can make money through a variety of monetization options, such as affiliate marketing.

Are you a retired police officer? People would be interested in hearing your tips on managing crimes and dealing with prisoners. Or, are you a foodie? You can share your review through a food blog.

 5. Pet-sitting


This is one of the few businesses that will continue to enjoy great patronage even in the face of recessions. For the pet-lovers, it is the best business idea. A pet sitter looks after pets at the owner’s home while the owner is away at work or vacation. For bigger business endeavour, you can even open a pet-shelter where all nearby pets can stay from sunup to sundown.

6. Coaching/Consulting


It’s a chance to utilize your knowledge and talents. Start home-based coaching or consulting business that allows you to profit from your professional knowledge and experience. Use tools such as online conferencing and Skype for performing coaching & consulting completely from home. Or you can manage the business side from home and visit your clients at their location or local java joint.

You don’t need to sit idle during retirement. Live your life to the fullest and turn your both formal and informal experience into a source of revenue.

Go and live your Plan-B 🙂 




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