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How to generator image to url in bulk ?

Hi, If you are an e-commerce seller and want to create bulk image links for your product catalogue listing, here is an very interesting and easy to use solution ( which can generate bulk images urls in very less time and in just few clicks. can save your time and efforts on creating image links one by one. Image links created from this tool are valid on almost all the marketplaces across the globe. This tool will surely make your life easy and sorted, because creating image links one by one is very time consuming and very tedious task and can create Image links in bulk very quickly.

Lets see the video to understand a little more about this amazing tool –

Click here to check out our tool:

This tool accept a zip file to upload with product images inside their respective product folder in a simple specific format. Lets understand the process of creating specific zip file to upload and generating image links. (Please Note that you need to understand it for first time only. After first time you will be able to create zip file very easily)

Steps to make zip file in required format:

Step 1: Create folders with product SKU names.

Step 2: Put product images into their respective product SKU folders.

Step 3: Select all folders and create a zip file.

Steps to generate image links with :

  • Click on ‘Select Zip File’ button and select the zip file with images in required above explained format.
select the created zip file
  • Now, click on ‘Generate Links’ button to generate image links. In this screen you will be able to see your folders inside zip in the left panel. You can click on any folder to check images inside it. When you will hover on any image, you will find ‘View’ button to view image in full screen and a ‘delete icon’ to delete any image if you want before creating image links. You can go back to the upload page again by clicking ‘Re-Upload’.
Generating links
  • You will get a popup with the successful images count. Now click ‘Close’ button to continue .
Success message
  • Click on ‘Download Csv’ button to download image links in csv file. You can download your zip as well by clicking ‘Download Zip’. You can get a shareable link for your upload zip by clicking ‘Shareable link’.
Get image links in csv

To use this tool please visit :

If you think this tool made your life easy, please do share among the people who might need it. In case you face any issue please feel free to comment below or email at

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