How to generator public image links in bulk ?

Image Link Generator is a tool which is used to generate link of images in bulk. By using this product, one can generate csv file with image name and image link in it and also can get a link to download zip file of these images. This tool will surely make your life easy, because … Continue reading How to generator public image links in bulk ?

Ecommerce: Why it is a good idea to sell online

If you have a brick and mortar location to hawk your wares or you have a plan to set-up your own new brand store, which oversees your all business operations. Then, the benefits of online selling to your customer

3 Tricks to increase Amazon sales by 37% in 12 days

As an Amazon seller, practicing a white background is not sufficient. Instead, you must maximize the number of images to showcase your products from different angles. Ideally, a seller should have seven images of the products.

Amazon Advertisement (Ads) Complete Guide

Amazon, not Google, is the most popular starting point for Shoppers looking to shop online. With a catalog of more than 20 million products, shoppers are using it as a primary search engine for product discovery. What are Amazon Advertisements? Amazon allows sellers to display their product on the very first page of the search. … Continue reading Amazon Advertisement (Ads) Complete Guide

How to Optimize Amazon Automatic Advertisement Campaign – Tips & Tricks

ACOS of 8 to 10% for Automatic Campaign is considered to be a good one. First RULE: Negative Keywords Negative Keywords are those keywords which cost you an extra penny without converting into a sale. Negative Keywords can be Brand Name: Product: JUMP USA Men’s Cotton Socks Negative Keyword: jump, usa, jumpusa, jump usa Product: … Continue reading How to Optimize Amazon Automatic Advertisement Campaign – Tips & Tricks

What is Amazon Headline Search Ads?

Amazon introduced Headline Search Ads for third-party sellers in Amazon Seller Central. Headline Search Ads are a boost for building a brand and only sellers with a brand registered can take the advantage of this. The product sold through this ads is not a constraint to the brand owner only, the other sellers of the … Continue reading What is Amazon Headline Search Ads?