How to become Myntra Seller | Myntra Seller Registration Guide

Notice: We are not from Myntra. We are here to help you Onboard Myntra

Myntra is the most profitable e-commerce platform in India. To be able to sell on Myntra is an opportunity that gives a tremendous boost to business. Since its advent in 2007, Myntra has grown from selling personalized gift items to showcasing 350 Indian and international brands in 2012. Today Myntra showcases more than 1000 brands selling more than 1,50,000 products. 

With 560,000,000 internet users in a population of 1,368,737,513 people, India is the second-largest internet using nation. 87% of the total user base accounts for regular internet users. This means that things are only getting better for online businesses. 

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Myntra does not onboard every private label that sells average-quality products. Becoming a Myntra seller turns a business into a brand as the platform is exclusive to selected merchandise. Compare with any other fashion e-commerce platform, and you will see that Myntra showcases selected brands only, unlike other platforms which register sellers like logs of wood in a woodyard. Once you register your business, Myntra showcases your products among popular brands that are exclusive to the platform.

As tempting as a Myntra registration seems it is not a piece of cake to register a business on the platform. It is because of the same reason which keeps frauds and low-quality products/ businesses off the platform: follows a strict screening process before allowing a business to onboard the platform. 

Over the years, we have been able to help our clients with Myntra onboarding. The reason is quite simple: We reach out to the right category managers at Myntra, and present authentic brands in the most spectacular way. The platform is the most important revenue stream for most of our clients. For some of our clients, Myntra onboarding has been the best decision, as Myntra contributes to approximately 70% of their online sales.


Why choose to become a Myntra seller? is unarguably the favorite online apparel shopping destination for Indian youth. Being able to sell on Myntra creates an opportunity for a business to grow very rapidly. 

Some of the perks of becoming a seller on are:

  • There are no seller fees on a Myntra registration
  • Myntra charges a flat commission fee varying between 40-50%, depending on the product category and brand.
  • Shipping charges are part of the commission taken by Myntra.
  • Since Myntra is a B2B portal, it raises a Purchase Order(PO) everyday (all orders for the day in one PO), and you have to ship your orders against this PO. You do not have to pick, pack and ship the orders individually. In order words, it is much simpler to dispatch a large number of orders with Myntra.
  • Myntra works closely with your business providing relevant fashion advice and trend analysis. 

Myntra vendor registration process

Below is the step-by-step process of onboarding

  • Create a presentation showcasing your business product catalog.
  • Then, submit the presentation to Myntra’s category managers. (Reaching the right product manager is the key)
  • Moving a step ahead, share details of your business with the manager after a successful presentation.
  • Afterward, you will have to provide Myntra with product samples for a quality check. (You may have to send the samples to Myntra’s Gurugram or Bangalore office.)
  • Once the product samples pass the quality check will fix a meeting with the business owner.
  • The signing of a contract will happen if they approve of your brand.
  • You will then get access to the portal.
  • The next step is listing of all your products. You will have to follow Myntra’s photography guidelines and get the shoot done by Myntra approved Studios and update the product inventory.
  • will place 2-3 dummy orders and dry run the order fulfillment process. This step ensures the seller’s (the business in consideration/you) commitment towards delivery which includes, product quality, packing, and delivery time.
  • After a successful dry run, your business is onboard to

However, if the business fails to abide by the guidelines provided by, the platform can not only de-list its products but also the brand itself. 

We have helped many of our clients with Myntra onboarding, and managing their business’s accounts on the platform.

Is your business ready to become a brand?
Take your time and analyze the following:

  • Can you deliver excellent quality products?
  • Can you perfect the representation of your business before Myntra’s onboarding team?
  • How efficient is your warehouse and operations management?

If you are someone who has positive answers to the above questions, you must think of onboarding as a vendor/seller.

Please fill the form below to start Myntra Seller Registeration: 

**Myntra has a very strict process of onboarding so kindly share all the details in as much detail as possible**