6 Tips to converts Leads into Sales

Customer, these days, is more insightful and informed than ever before, leaving businesses wondering how to convert their leads into sales. See, getting a lead is one thing, but converting it into sale is quite another. Clearly, generating leads without a well-defined sales process can lead to wasted efforts and revenue. Following are some tips to help you convert sales leads:

  1. An informative website should be designed for the customers

Every aspect of content should be thoroughly planned out in advance to make the best impact. Purchases with high involvement require informative decisions, therefore your text should be precise, concise, and to the point to educate and empower the customer. Images also add greater value and help potential customers in visualizing your product.

  1. Offer an incentive

Offering a free giveaway or providing a limited time discount is a great way to push leads to convert. The discount doesn’t have to be something outrageous and the giveaway doesn’t have to have a high monetary value. The average consumer simply can’t ignore a free offer or a limited-time discount.

  1. Follow Up

Experience tells us that the quicker that a lead is contacted, the better chance of turning that lead into a sale.  Many companies do not have a well-coordinated process to handle leads that come in from the internet.

lead response survey indicates that in general, B2B leads receive extremely slow response times from sales teams.  Here are some of the shocking results from the study.

  • The average first response time of B2B companies to their leads was 42 hours
  • Only 37% of the companies responded to their leads within an hour
  • 16% of the companies respond between one to 24 hours
  • 24% of the companies take more than 24 hours
  • 23% of the companies never respond at all

The first and last statistics are shocking. Average first response time being 42 hours and 23% companies never responding to their leads is discouraging.

  1. Get contact information.

You can’t rely just on your website. Even the best-crafted website needs the human touch. At some point in order to convert leads, you may need to call them. Even in this digital age, a phone is still a vital tool, especially in reaching targeted sales leads.

  1. Ask for the sale

How is asking for the sale a groundbreaking marketing advice? It’s not an advice actually, it’s common sense, but something that many businesses just don’t do. Ask your leads if they are ready to purchase and see how many actually convert. They became a lead because they were interested in what your business offers in the first place.

  1. Email Marketing: There is a good chance that your leads are being marketed to by competitors as well, so you need to make sure that your emails stand out from the totally sales-oriented emails that are likely to be flooding their inboxes. Include things like fun facts about your company or your local area — and make sure that your emails don’t look like overly aggressive and pushy sales letters. Clever emails really grab the attention of your leads and make your company stand out.

Use these tips to strengthen your lead conversion strategy. Converting lead is a twofold process: having an optimized website for better lead tracking and conversion while also calling and scoring your leads. Your website should feature prominent, informative visuals, offer expert advice, and show the customer the next step they can take. Your website should also include contact information on each page and prominent forms to request more information.

Once you have gained the lead, analyze them. Are they ready to buy or do they need some nurturing? Focus on being an advisor and an overall help. Once you prove that you are a valuable tool to solve problems converting leads to sales becomes a breeze.

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