3 Tricks to increase Amazon sales by 37% in 12 days

As an Amazon seller, practicing a white background is not sufficient. Instead, you must maximize the number of images to showcase your products from different angles. Ideally, a seller should have seven images of the products.

Amazon Advertisement (Ads) Complete Guide

Amazon, not Google, is the most popular starting point for Shoppers looking to shop online. With a catalog of more than 20 million products, shoppers are using it as a primary search engine for product discovery. What are Amazon Advertisements? Amazon allows sellers to display their product on the very first page of the search. … Continue reading Amazon Advertisement (Ads) Complete Guide

How to Optimize Amazon Automatic Advertisement Campaign – Tips & Tricks

ACOS of 8 to 10% for Automatic Campaign is considered to be a good one. First RULE: Negative Keywords Negative Keywords are those keywords which cost you an extra penny without converting into a sale. Negative Keywords can be Brand Name: Product: JUMP USA Men’s Cotton Socks Negative Keyword: jump, usa, jumpusa, jump usa Product: … Continue reading How to Optimize Amazon Automatic Advertisement Campaign – Tips & Tricks

What is Amazon Headline Search Ads?

Amazon introduced Headline Search Ads for third-party sellers in Amazon Seller Central. Headline Search Ads are a boost for building a brand and only sellers with a brand registered can take the advantage of this. The product sold through this ads is not a constraint to the brand owner only, the other sellers of the … Continue reading What is Amazon Headline Search Ads?