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Influence Of Social Media On The Fashion Industry


      “The joy of dressing is an art”- John Galliano

Fashion is a word that is recognized by all people of the society. It arises from the mix of innovation, inspiration, beauty and more. For some, it may be like an armor to survive the realities of daily life and for some, it may merely be a basic necessity. With the ever-changing fashion industry and the growing enthusiasm for Social Media in our day to day lives, it has become necessary to have an intertwining link between the two.

Where social media has become a part of our globally connected community in multiple ways, it has massively impacted our decision-making ability too. Consumers are spending more time than ever on social media and this is what fashion industry thrives on. The fashion industry is fueled by marketing and what better way can there be than the addictive social media platforms.

With platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. fashion brands have found a new dais to portray their trends and ideas in order to connect to the consumers in a better way. Consumers, on the other hand, relate mentally to the trends and get impacted by it. Fashion is a visual-based industry, so using a photo-driven app like Instagram makes a huge impact. There are various ways by which social media has cultivated a growth in the fashion industry. Consumers are connecting in a better way with the brands by routinely following the activities of the brand on social platforms. This has immensely affected their purchasing decisions as well.

Following are some of the ways by which brands are making a presence on the internet:

  • Influencers fashion

People love to see and stalk other people and their style. This is where fashion influencers come into play. In fact, what bloggers are wearing on Instagram and other social media outlets has created such an impact on the way that consumers shop that retailers have reached out to them for content collaborations.

fashion dress.jpg

  • Trending Fashion Styles

Encouraging followers and consumers to talk about the product is a very powerful strategy and has found successful results as well. Brands need to post engaging content which leads to a circulation of their trends among the consumer community. With features like repost and retweets, circulation of same content leads to the generation of trends.

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  • Advertising on Social Media

Placing ads on social media has become simple to set up. Targeting has become much more detailed where we can easily organize our niche of interest and work on it. Advertisers can place ads that align with their business goals, such as establishing brand awareness or driving sales.

fashion advertisement.jpg

Overall, social media influencing has created a great impact on the fashion industry, a freeway between fashion brands and consumers. With the rise of social media, new and interesting designers from around the world grasp ideas as well as portray their own sense of style. Thus, social media and the ever growing fashion industry should further befriend each other more for the greater good.

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