How to Update URL Handles in Bulk for Shopify.

Importance of URL Handle for Website SEO.

Understanding the structure of domain names and URLs is a fundamental building block of SEO. Over the years, Google and Bing have come a long way in handling the challenges of a growing number of pages available for indexing. The basic rule of SEO URLs is to make it easy for the searching human and that makes it easier for the search engine itself.

If the URL is confusing and not clear then people will not take any interest in the website and the bounce rate will be high. The website will not even rank high in the search engine because Google also takes the URL into consideration.
Also, a wrong URL handle can get embarrassing if it bears no resemblance to the product.
A frequent cause of products ending up with wrong handles is due to creation of products as a copy of another product.

Change the URLs by clicking here. Also, refer to the guide given below by Prime Seller Hub

Shopify configuration requires the following credentials:

Enter the following details:

a. Store Name: Name of your Store. (E.g. If Your Shopify account URL is, then your store name will be ‘example’).

b. API Key: API Key of your private app.

c. API Password: API Password of your private app.

shopify product url


For API Key and API Password, Follow the following steps to create a private app:

1) Login to Shopify admin account.

2) Go to Apps


shopify product url


3) Click on ‘Manage private apps’


shopify product url


4) Click on ‘Create a new private app’


shopify product url


5) Enter the required fields to create a private app.

a. Private app name.

b. Email ID


shopify product url


6) In Admin API Section –> Go to ‘Product Variant and Collections’ and then select ‘Read And Write’ option.


shopify product url


7) Click on ‘Save’


shopify product url


8) Now your private app has been created. You need the following credentials to update handles. Copy your API Key and API Password and paste it in input fields.


shopify product url


9) Enter your Store Name, API Key and API Password and click on ‘Download Template’ button to get your handles file in CSV format.


shopify product url



10) Your download file will look like this. You will get all your store’s handles in ‘old handle’ column of CSV file.


shopify product url


11) Type new handle values in front of old handle values. Write only those handle values which you need to change and the rest of other empty handles won’t change.


shopify product url


12) Upload your CSV file in the above format and click on ‘Upload’ button to change your old handles.


shopify product url


13) Now your old handle values have been changed to new handle values and you will get a success message on screen.


        Click here to change your Shopify Product Handles

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