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7 Things to consider for product listing in Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Product Listing – the right way!!

e-Commerce product listing and cataloging with the right keywords for SEO are few of the most cumbersome and time taking activities in selling online. It is the seller’s responsibility to get the photos taken and upload on the various marketplace. However, we at PrimeSellerHub offer complimentary listings to all our partner sellers.

So let’s see what involves in e-Commerce product listing in the various marketplaces in India?

1) The first step involves clicking professional pictures as per the image guidelines of the various marketplaces. Guidelines generally include the number of images required per product category (the image angles and mandatory views). One must avoid showing props/items which are not part of the actual product, mainly to eliminate confusion to the buyer and at least 80% of the image should be covered by the product.

2) Once photography is completed, it is mandatory to have the images on a white background, which many sellers find it very difficult, especially if the number of SKUs is very high.

3) Now comes the most challenging part. While marketplaces such as Flipkart and Amazon allow sellers list their products one by one and also through bulk upload using the excel feeds (which have predefined structure), other marketplaces such as Snapdeal makes it mandatory to use excel feeds only.

4) There are predefined validations in these bulk Excel feeds and this makes listing very tricky and time-consuming at times if you are not used to it. To fill in the excel sheet with the required content (drop downs, single text, multiline text etc.) you have to match with the predefined value. As these are excel based feeds, errors are hard to avoid. Once the feeds are successfully uploaded you actually feel a tremendous sense of achievement

5) As you successfully submit the excel feeds, it goes to the next stage for image approval. If the images are approved then the listing is done and your products will be LIVE.

6) Once the products go live it is advisable to do a quick round of quality check. The check should include the number of the images uploaded, inventory, pricing and description of the products accordingly. At times there are many issues which creep in, such as wrong description uploaded, number of images uploaded are not matching, content has changed etc.

7) There are times when listing is put on hold by the various marketplaces due to lack of brand authorization. In that case you have to make sure brand registration is done if it is a private label (brand owned by the seller).

We at PrimeSellerHub, understand that all the sellers do not have the luxury to involve themselves in the time taking activity of uploading of the products in all the marketplaces. As per our understanding at PrimeSellerHub, we believe that sellers should be more focused in their core activities such as new product development, procuring of products, maintaining vendor relationship etc. and not on time-consuming activities such as the listing of products in the various marketplaces. We at PrimeSellerHub specialize in this job of eCommerce product listing and are happy to help you with all your listing needs.

We not only provide e-Commerce product listing services but we also have a full fledged image editing team with experience of more than 8 years in the field. Apart from that, we also have an in-house photography studio in New Delhi which exclusively caters to all our partner seller’s product/model photography needs. Please contact us to have a better understanding of our services or reach us at


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