Shopify Product Import or Upload Services in Bulk

Shopify is a powerful and popular eCommerce solution used by 6,00,000+ ambitious entrepreneurs, 10,00,000+ active users and over 55 Billion USD already sold on the platform. The interface is clean and easy to use, getting one’s store set up is a very simple process. It is a hosted solution, so businesses do not have to worry about server, hosting, security, up-time, speed or bandwidth allocation.

The setup of the store is very easy and simple to use but getting all your products uploaded and cataloged properly can be a time consuming, repetitive and tedious task. Along with the products, creation of the collections also can be a tricky too. There are proper guidelines for listing of products in your Shopify store for increasing the visibility of your website.

The important things to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Having proper keyword research for every product.
  • Feeding those important keywords in the following:
    • Title of the product page
    • URL of the product page – that can be edited by changing the handle
    • Description of the product page
    • Meta Description of the product page
  • Creating product collections as per the categories and sub-categories
  • Using the collections to create proper menu
  • Having proper edited and cropped images

Our Shopify Catalog experts along with the SEO experts ensure that all you cataloging needs of uploading the products with proper keywords is taken care of. We are currently providing Shopify product entry services to our customers in a wide variety of industries, including women fashion, accessories, handicrafts, electronics, gardening and many more. Our shopify product upload experts will provide with you great support, and deliver quality work to you, as per the agreed timelines. We are very particular about our timelines.

Shopify Product Upload and Import

We will take care of all your product data entry requirements, and will make sure to enter such as basic data entry, image uploads, creating product keywords and descriptions, meta tags, prices and more. Shopify is a theme based eCommerce solution, and you need someone that is well versed in dealing with Shopify themes to make sure all data is entered in accurately, so your customers find what they are looking for.

  • Product Descriptions:At the first stage we do a deep keyword research for your products using keyword planner by Google and scientific seller keyword tool. Once the keywords are generated, we make sure that these keywords are properly fed in the title, description, URL, meta descriptions. We also study your competitors to get better idea about the keywords. We make sure that your product pages are ranked higher in the search engine for the right keywords.
  • Shopify Manual Product Upload: We will meticulously enter in ALL product related information including both mandatory and non-mandatory information such as product handle or URL, product title, product description, SKU/UPC, variant options, image links, quantity, manufacturer, caption, and more. You may have a requirement for 50, 500 or 5000 product upload, we can take care of it.
  • Category Management: We make sure to organize your products efficiently by adding them to the right collections as per their recommended categories and sub-categories, which also ensures that shoppers can easily find your product pages. This equally important for Search Engine Optimization also.
  • Updating Products: If you have a requirement for updating your existing products in your store, we can help you with that too. Be it updating the listings with new images, or updating the meta descriptions for search engine optimization, we can take care of all your requirements efficiently and on time.
  • Drop-shipping Products: If you have a requirement for adding products to your online store from multiple sites or sources from which you are drop-shipping, we can help you with that too. There is no limitation to the number of products which we can add. We also make sure that the categories are also updated properly.
  • Shopify Bulk Product Upload: We use CSV/Excel sheets to upload products to the store. It helps us to quickly add products and also avoid manual mistakes which is unavoidable when adding products one by one.

For a free consultation regarding Shopify product upload in bulk, you can get in touch with us.