3 Tricks to increase Amazon sales by 37% in 12 days

How much do you ‘Beads of sweat’ for your product’ pictures?
If you’re amongst many Amazon sellers, you might upload the pictures that your supplier uses or search them on google and call it great.

Well, Amazon product pictures serve various purposes to their customers. The primary one is to showcase all great sides of products. Indeed, images attract attention. 93% of consumers say attractive visuals have the biggest influence on their decision to buy.

Similarly, to add a ‘wow’ factor in your product images, It’s profoundly suggested for you get it done by professionals. If you’re on a budget, in such case, your DSLR or smartphone can be your best-buddies to click amazing shots and leave the editing on professionals.

Know Photo Requirements of Amazon

Foremostly, you need to understand Amazon’s photo requirements and guidelines before wasting your time on taking pictures that won’t make a difference.
Beyond the file requirements, the most vital asset during photoshoots is the specification of a pure white background for the main image for maintaining the consistency on Amazon. Remember, applying black backgrounds and others white will create a mess.
Though apart from the main image, you can choose any background color for secondary images. However, applying a white background helps in highlighting features of the product efficiently.
As far as the size of your images is concerned, Amazon recommends using images of at least 1100 pixels in length or width. We would recommend 1500 by 1500 pixels for products and 1920 by 1280 pixels for a product with models. You should not go beyond this as Amazon will scale it down automatically which doesn’t look good.

The Image Types

As an Amazon seller, practicing a white background is not sufficient. Instead, you must maximize the number of images to showcase your products from different angles. Ideally, a seller should have seven images of the products.
Generally, usage of your product-only images would assist customers to learn more about the product at a glance. However, depending on your product type, you must require the work under following angles:
1. Capture Four to five images of your product from all angles,
2. Capture One or two in-context images to build the emotional bonding between customers and your product. (For instance, if you’re selling watches, you should have a picture of it on the wrist of someone so that customers can visualize the actual size and actual appearance of the product )
3. Provide Measurement Chart or How to measure size guide
4. Any certification or government approval if applicable and
5. Finally, add an infographic image to make it interesting that can ultimately increase your conversion ratio and seal the deal for you. Remember, The goal is to help the customer imagine the product being a part of their life.

Capturing the Pictures

So, if you decide to go the DIY route, there are a few pieces of equipment that you’ll need.

First, you’ll need a background. I would suggest using a plain white sheet that’s as wrinkle-free as possible.

Next, you’ll need a secondary light source. A table lamp can work well, but if you plan to take a bunch of images in-house, you might want to invest in one or two studio lights. They’re relatively inexpensive and can significantly enhance your image quality.

Finally, you’ll need a camera. These days, you can click some really professional images using only a smartphone.

From there, be intuitive in deciding the angles you’d like to use. Click as many pictures as you can of the product set up and filter out your favorites after the photo shoot.
Attaining the perfect product photos can take some experimentation, so you don’t be afraid to play with different angles or edits. Observe what works and what doesn’t, and over time you’ll become a product photo pro!

Happy Selling!

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