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10 simple reasons why you need an e-Commerce website for your brand

Hello, how’s your retailing business going?
Seems good.
Now, look around and perceive how digitally obsessed this world is.
I am quite sure you might be having a head loaded with fascinating plans and ideas to improve your business into new avenues. Well, eCommerce website is one such avenue, however, does it possibly make a difference to your brand and bottom-line?

According to Webster Dictionary, an e-commerce, also known as Online store or e-Business, is simply the selling and buying of products and services through the Internet.

Change is constant and so is development. An ecommerce website is tremendously changing the way brands reach out and engage with their customers. From needle to diamond, from bed sheet to bananas, everything is available at your fingertips. Your need is just a click away.  

To know more….It all started with marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc. when they turned out to be the big revenue generator. Eventually, with a plethora of sellers on the global market, the customer could find many potential reasons to switch brands. Hence the need for brand loyalty and brand value amongst the retailers is increasing simultaneously- to bring customer’s retention.  So, to make your life easier here are:

10 simple reasons why do you need an eCommerce website

  1. Global Reach


    Due to the Internet’s accessibility, millions of people across the world can view and order from your website at anywhere. People love scrolling. Then what is wrong in crowning your brand store? For instance, Bhut Jolokia, the world’s hottest chilli pepper from Nagaland is exceptionally exclusive to discover. Whereas the presence of e-commerce store like ‘World of Chillies’ that is bridging the gap between desires and distances by providing an extensive range of chilli plugs varieties from around the globe. The specialisation of your ecommerce store lies within taking any niche product at your customers’ doorsteps with one click.

  2.  We’re always Open -24/7  


    Saying is Time doesn’t stop for anyone though your brand store is always waiting out there for its customers. Customers generally avoid the hassles of heading off to the stores to spare time and traffic. For instance, late night parties’ hunger is always being a crisis for many of us, Understanding the need for ordering food, Swiggy online store did it correctly by reaching out with food at people anytime. Ecommerce website gives liberty to shop throughout the day & night whether it is Sunday or a national holiday your store is always open.

  3. Creates loyal customers bond


    avatar-3127928_960_720Reaching out to your loyal customers is a challenging task when you don’t have numerous physical outlets meanwhile, creating brand loyalty is another objective altogether. eCommerce website makes it easy to maintain the bond digitally. For instance, is renowned for its handcrafted sarees by an Indian designer, who open this brand store for her promising customers who wanted to buy from her no matter wherever she resides. Therefore, creating brand loyalty through brand web-store allows you to engage with your customers and create an impression in their mind, for eternity.

  4. Boost Sales – Shorter Time to Market


    In case of Store outlet, a retailer has to wait for showcasing products to its customers. And similarly, in marketplaces like Flipkart or Myntra, you are prepared with the catalog, then it takes another 4-7 days to get it approved and make it LIVE. In your own ecommerce website, you can make your products LIVE as soon as you get them in a warehouse. At times, Product photography can be time-consuming, as you have to abide by all the marketplaces’ guideline.
    For instance, Olx websites provide a service of click and share where you do not have to wait for their approval or that perfect photography.

  5.  7 days to set up


    Yes, An ecommerce website can be set up in less than 7 days and for payment integration with your website can be done with a few clicks. Times have changed and the whole e-commerce ecosystem, now it is available which makes it incredibly easy for you to set up your e-commerce store. The initial investment to set up your own store can be as 1950 rupees per month. For instance, with the assistance of Shopify, it becomes a left-handed game to set up a brand.

  6. More marketing opportunities


    Creative strategy to market your products is immensely required. Promotions that give you the versatility to boost sales and build customers base. Simply, you don’t have to pray for getting noticed if you’re a start-up just take a front seat and enjoy the show of digital marketing. There are a lot of organic and inorganic ways of getting that right traffic to your website. Your ecommerce website can be integrated easily with Facebook or Google shopping to reach the right customers. Just take the advantages of social media.

  7.  Showcase your portfolio

    port .jpg  


    Working in a creative industry often means that you need to present your work on a global stage, using an attractive and professional platform. A great portfolio can help you land clients while building and hosting your brand and network, so it’s essential to take your store to new levels. For instance, choosing a wedding planner and its theme is a big as a wedding, Weddingnama portfolios of capturing wedding artistically help seekers from which, clients can have a better view of your videos and pictures to connect with the work.

  8. Higher Profitability & Scalability 


    You need a smaller workforce, lesser working capital and capital investment to start and run an online store. Thus, increasing margins and profitability.
    As your business grows it’s likely you will want to grow your product range, your target audience and fulfill your consumer demands. An eCommerce website lets you scale your business accordingly, allowing you to add more lines, add payment options and grow business when you choose to ship to, without having to worry about changing your location or moving to larger premises like with a brick & mortar store. For instance, Shein gives you infinite filters and options to make your voyage of D-Day dress perfect.

  9. B2B market 


    Business to business marketing refers to the best practices used by brands with products sold to other businesses. When brands are in the market for new solutions or methods, they aim at improving their operations, the demonstration of the value of is vitally important. For instance, Shahi exports sell their products to both customers as well as to markets and Cloud 9 for Webstore would be bulk orders from global clients. Moreover, B2B marketing requires flexibility aimed at customizing product and service pitches to the purchasing company.

  10.  Direct customer connection  


    dc .jpg
    Finally, a key to communication in any relationship is vital similarly making a one on one connection for a brand store is necessary for directly reaching out to your customers for sustainable success of the brand store. When a purchase is made you receive all customer information. Now, it’s up to you, how to target and market these newly acquired customers details. For instance, Limeroad sends email and message to direct customer connection.

    Marketing a business online involves more than putting together a stylish website. Whereas having the most well-designed site in the world won’t get you very far if the right people can’t find it.

    To reach your target customers you need to get in place the following:

    1. Digital Marketing Strategy: To handle your whole website marketing strategy and implementation.
    2. Content Development: To deliver valuable content for your practices.
    3. Graphics Designing: Create beautiful designs and catalogs of your products. Appealing imagery attracts higher clicks, driving higher conversions.
    4. PPC: PPC (pay per click) implementation for bringing the right traffic to your website inorganically.
    5. SEO expertise: To achieve a strong presence in the search engines like Google organically.

At last, Patience is a key to success 🙂

A stand-alone ecommerce website is absolutely necessary if you are going to be selling online for the long term. It takes a lot of effort and time to get clients to your brand store but eventually it makes a lot of difference as well. From hardcore sellers to premium sellers there is a fish market running in marketplaces, where you can just apply your fortune. To trap your customers in a Bermuda triangle of your store having a personal brand web store is essential. And when done effectively the impacts are equivalent to gluiness of the sea. Start your own ecommerce website today! Indeed it’s a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers.

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