There are times in life when you look back and retrospect and feel proud of your decision. They have all the reasons to be proud. Today 75% of the fashion market share in India is owned by Flipkart. They could do it because of that one decision of acquiring

Currently, the most sought-after fashion portal in India is Every brand in fashion considers it a privilege to be in Myntra and why shouldn’t they, the kind of boost their brand gets is tremendous.

If you check in Myntra you won’t see many brands there which are present in Flipkart or Amazon. The major reason is that it is a closed marketplace, unlike Flipkart or Amazon where anyone and everyone can register and start selling.

Myntra has a very strict screening process to onboard new sellers. Screening process comes later actually. First, you have to connect to the right category team in Myntra. You share your portfolio of products with them. If they like your products then only they show interest in your samples. Yes, you have to send them samples to their office or visit physically with your samples. If they finally like your samples they will onboard you. You get in Myntra you get the feeling that nothing else matters.

But the moment you feel accomplished, the hard reality of life strikes you. Your brand can get de-listed anytime if you do not perform as per their expectations or if you are unable to launch enough product styles as promised. Then you get the feeling that life before Myntra was much better.

We know about these things in detail because we experienced it first hand. We have boarded many of our clients in Myntra. For all our clients it was the biggest boost they could get for their brand. Myntra actually makes your brand better by always pushing you towards excellence.

We work closely with these brands and Myntra to increase the product visibility and sales.

So if you are wondering, is your brand ready for Myntra. Ask yourself if your company has the following:

1. Excellent quality of products.

2. Perfect representation of your products in front of the Myntra onboarding team.

3. Very good operations and warehouse management.

If you are confident about your brand, get in touch with us. We will try to represent your products in the best possible way and get your brand on-boarded in Myntra.