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What is Amazon Headline Search Ads?

Amazon introduced Headline Search Ads for third-party sellers in Amazon Seller Central.

Headline Search Ads are a boost for building a brand and only sellers with a brand registered can take the advantage of this.

The product sold through this ads is not a constraint to the brand owner only, the other sellers of the same product can also get the sale from that campaign.

Headline Ads primary purpose is not to advertise products, else they work on building a Brand where you can showcase your products.

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These ads are also keyword targeted and can be used to promote 3 or more products together.

Headline search ads also use a cost-per-click method where the minimum bid per keyword is $0.10. There are also only two keyword match-types supported for headline search ads – exact and phrase match.

Headline Ads can also very helpful in drawing the traffic to the Amazon storefront.

search ads

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