Amazon Advertisement (Ads) Complete Guide

Amazon, not Google, is the most popular starting point for Shoppers looking to shop online.

With a catalog of more than 20 million products, shoppers are using it as a primary search engine for product discovery.

What are Amazon Advertisements?

Amazon allows sellers to display their product on the very first page of the search. When a buyer type in a keyword in the Amazon search box, they will find the top row results of products with a tag “Sponsored” which are paid and considered as Amazon advertisements.

Where are Amazon Advertisements placed?

The placement of Amazon Advertisement is been determined by the Amazon allowing the product to target the right audience with the right keyword.

What are the types of Amazon Advertisements?

There are only two types of Ads on Amazon

  1. Sponsored Ads or Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click)
  2. Headline Search Ads

1. Sponsored Ads

Sponsored Ads helps the product in getting top-notch positions appearing in search results and are termed as ‘sponsored’ (paid for). These products are not due to organically ranking in those positions. Amazon advertisements are a way for sellers to ‘buy’ a position at the top of Amazon’s search results. Advertisers pay each time a customer clicks on their ads, hence the name Amazon Pay Per Click.

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Amazon Ads
Amazon Ads

2. Headline Search Ads

Headline search ads acquire the top banner position an Amazon Search result page as a headline banner. They are displayed always above the listing. These ads are cost-per-click and lead searchers to any specified Brand page on Amazon or to Amazon Brand Store.

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Amazon Ads

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