10 things to know before creating your first Youtube video

Marketing is all about fetching people’s attention towards your brand. And what’s a better platform than Youtube to grab the attention of 30+ million viewers daily? Unless we’ve been living under a rock, every one of us must have heard of Youtube, watched a video and even subscribed to some Youtube channels of our interest. Youtubers are taking over the internet and there has not been a better time than now to learn how to promote your business through Youtube in less than 10 minutes. So here we go:

Optimizing videos before uploading:

  1. Video must be in HD format (720p/1080p or higher).
  2. Select a keyword you wish to work upon.
  3. First 10 seconds and last 10 seconds of audio (in English) must be a Keyword.
  4. Grab the audience’s attention by putting text in the thumbnail image.
  5. Video must be of at least 2 minutes; videos between 8-10 minutes get the most views.
  6. Save the video on your device with the Keyword in its name. (Never use space between two words; use hyphen.)
  7. Use BetterWayToWeb tool for Keyword research.
  8. The title should contain keyword with Call-To-Action words.
  9. The description must have at least 50 words and 2-3 times use of the keyword.
  10. Tags are important as they help users find your video when they search the site. When users type keywords related to your tags, your video will appear in their search results.

General Do’s and Don’t’s on youtube :


  1. Always focus on Quality: Trust us; it’s better to have one Oscar-quality video on your channel than three embarrassingly poor ones.
  2. Brand your channel: Branding your channel by adding thumbnails and high-res graphics will help establish your identity and make you more recognizable to subscribers and the casual viewer.
  3. Collaborate: Reach out to other channels and subscribe, like, and engage with their content.
  4. Engage and Respond Often: Engage an audience by responding to comments and suggestions. Listen to feedback and use it constructively.


  1. Sub4sub: Definitely no, unless you want to have a dead channel with inactive subscribers, which let’s be honest, nobody wants.
  2. Spamming comments: For the same reason as above, and add to it the fact that it’s extremely annoying for the creator whose video’s comment section is used for spam.
  3. Patience: Don’t get discouraged, success does not come overnight, the big channels have been at it for years.

Apply the principles outlined here and grow your presence on YouTube. Remember, it may not work on the first try, but continuing to produce high-quality content on YouTube can deliver amazing results. Success on YouTube comes with time and practice, so get out there and shoot.

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