About Customer: Sypto Sales Pvt. Ltd

Sypto Sales Pvt. Ltd. is a company based out of Delhi and are in the consumer electronics category. They are B2B distributors, having their presence across India.  The brand Sypto is currently completely managed by Prime Seller Hub across all channels.

Customer’s Requirements:

  • Client had no brand or online presence.
  • They wanted:
    • To create a brand and sell electronic products under that label.
    • Sell across all marketplaces like amazon, flipkart, voonik etc.
    • Dynamic, intuitive, well-designed eCommerce website with simplified page navigation for different website audience.
  • Continuous planning for all brands was needed on a regular basis.
  • Development was to done keeping in mind the future expansion/ integration with new systems.


Solution Offered:

  • Brand “Sypto” was created along with the design for the logo.
  • Registration across multiple marketplaces were completed
  • Listing and cataloguing of products across all multiple marketplaces
  • After initial success from marketplaces www.sypto.in eCommerce website was launched by us.
  • Integrated the website with payment gateway
  • Integrated and partnered with Logistics Partner.
  • Delivered extensive eCommerce website which is user and search-engine friendly.
  • Compatible with all browsers and mobile responsive.
  • Consultancy for Social media management is provided along with the complete documentation.


Achieved Result:

  • Provided the complete roadmap and delivered on time.
  • Website launched with complete content within 30 days from contract signoff date.
  • Currently processing approximately 400-500 orders per day across all the online channels.


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