It all started a few years back when we started selling our products online. Initially we were very skeptical because we never imagined that we could sell online and it could be a good sales channel for us. The very first day we listed our products in Snapdeal, we got 4 orders. We were super excited about the whole process. We were really motivated and since then, we never looked back!! We started getting orders from all over India. We realised the advantage of selling online that we can cater to customers not just in Delhi but all over India. But it wasn’t a cake walk like how we expected! Things started going haywire. There were lot of problems day in and day out and there was chaos all around. Soon we realised that if we want to sell online profitably, we have to be really professional and disciplined to continue our growth.

Our team had vast experience in IT, operations and marketing and still we faced so many difficulties to increase our sales and manage orders. First thing we realised was that there is hell and heaven of difference between traditional selling and online selling. If you want to sell online profitably you have to look at the bigger picture rather than short term profitability. Online selling channel is so vast that if you do not have resources allocated specially for that, then it becomes impossible to manage. If small and medium businesses focus completely on the processes of selling online then they will lose focus on their core business which we experienced ourselves.

Slowly and steadily, we learnt the ropes and understood the nitty gritty of selling online. we understood how challenging and cumbersome it can be but also at the same time how rewarding it is! Our Mantra was not only to increase the number of orders or to reach more customers but most importantly to sell profitably at every stage. We are continuously working towards this objective.

We saw various businesses all around struggling with managing their online channel and some even quit, thinking it was not their cup of tea. We also understood that they had immense potential but they were missing a huge opportunity of growing their business by making it big on the vast online market. Currently there are approximately a lakh of sellers selling in various marketplaces in India but according to our estimation a mere 8-10% of them are selling profitably and managing the online sales channel professionally.

Over time we developed so much of expertise in this field that we thought why don’t we use our skills and knowledge to help other MSMEs to sell online superfluously.

And this is how Prime Seller Hub was born!