A Glimpse of our Photography

Prime Seller Hub Studio

Prime Seller Hub Photography is all about creation, commitment and collaboration. As Delhi’s premier e-commerce photo studio, we create the story of exceptional products and people with our impeccable imagery. We provide state-of-the-art online visual content for online and offline retailers in diverse fields of fashion, beauty and lifestyle products by putting unconditional commitment towards our work.

We collaborate with our esteemed clients and work as a team, to produce imagery of the highest quality, specifically designed to enhance your brand identity and eventually accelerate your sales. With a determined drive and a great ethos, we strive to bring high-end vision and production know-how to every photograph we indulge in.

Solely based out of our Delhi studio our team of stylists, photographers and retouchers create model imagery, ghost mannequins, fashion packshots, still life photography and catwalk videos to the highest possible finish. It is this perfect and consistent imagery that increases our clients' sales and enhances their brand identity.

Whether you choose invisible mannequins, styled flats, tabletop product, jewellery or on-model photography for your website or marketplace, we assure every shot will be invariably stunning and neat. We give the image that your product deserves. We know the first purchase of your customer is the photograph of your product. From the briefing & layout as defined by our client, we capture and give special treatment to the image in order to seek perfection. No doubt, we give the best solutions for your e-commerce product photography.
With the use of carefully considered lighting, location, props and styling we assist you create an eye catching lookbook that tells the story of your latest collection. Our high quality images and picture perfect finishing touch will effortlessly enhance the brand value of your products and company. Holding a lookbook, especially tailored by Ajnasys will be an irresistibly satisfying experience for one and all. Count on us, we create first-rate lookbooks for your exclusive e-commerce collections.
For each kind of photography we provide, we also offer high-end retouching to give that matchless finishing touch and refine the final outcome. From simple to complex retouching, we adapt our skills to give that much needed look that suits you and your products. Even if you have had your photography done elsewhere, we will be happy to offer our retouching services to give that exquisite finish.
Welcome to this new-age personalized communication form. With the required technology, knowledge, and skills, we offer an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your product in a dynamic and attractive way through product videos. Well, believe it or not, research on consumer behavior on the internet shows a significant increase in sales conversion rates of items that have videos. So give that unique live experience to your customer with high quality product videos.
In addition to the aforementioned diverse portfolio of photography solutions, we also operate a fully-equipped studio that is suitable for a wide range of photo and video shoots. Ajnasys Photostudio is ideal for conducting photography for an e-commerce website, as well as other graphic design activities. It is also possible to hire the entire studio for your own exclusive use, and this can be combined with the expertise of our experienced personnel to create materials that will have the highest impact on your potential customer base.