Prime Seller Hub is part of Amazon’s Service Provider Network and will help the sellers with everything that is needed to be successful on the Amazon marketplace. Please check out our Official Amazon Service Provider Profile

Who are we?

Prime Seller Hub is a certified service provider of Amazon India which offers a unified package of services blended with innovative technology and a dedicated customer service for every seller. With its committed and professional team meticulously managing A-to-Z of selling on Amazon, Prime Seller Hub aims to facilitate every seller unlock the enormous opportunities available in the biggest marketplace; become visible to zillions of buyers and flourish their business efficaciously.

Why Amazon?

Amazon is the largest e-commerce retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalization. Launching your product on Amazon ensures the following benefits:
1. Enhanced visibility
2. Augmented customer base
3. Escalated sales from high traffic channel
4. Hassle-free and prompt shipping
5. Low entry and exit cost
6. Timely and secured payments
7. Additional sales channel

What we do?

Our array of devoted services cater to both sellers presently selling on Amazon and enterprises who want to launch their products on Amazon. Our specialized services include:

1. Swift End-to-End Launch Assistance
2. Clear-cut and Coherent Online Sales Consultancy
3. Eye-catching Images as per Amazon Guidelines
4. Comprehensive SEO (search engine optimized) Catalogues for all your products
5. Rigorously Designed Advertisement Campaigns
6. Timely Transportation of your orders to Amazon warehouses
7. Meticulous Management of your Amazon account
8. Intensive Training for sellers and their employees

Prime Seller Hub’s Amazon-specialist professionals can help you with:

Product Photography

You have the products but still lack in grabbing the attention or catching the eye. Our team of highly skilled photographers and photo editors will give you impeccable images as per the Amazon standards for a wide spectrum of product categories. Our images will ensure improved image quality and enhanced sales. Our forte lies in table-top shoots for product categories ranging from shoes to bags, jewelry to cutlery, phone accessories to fashion accessories, textiles to toys and professional model shoots for your apparels as our wide network of impressive male and female, Indian and foreign, models promise you stellar images. We also offer image editing services, pertaining to retouching of existing product images so as to fit the Amazon standards

Product Cataloguing

Words have the power to either make a sale or break a sale, so accurate choice of words is critical. Our creative team pays focused attention in writing the exhaustive description; listing the complete set of information; and selecting unique and SEO (search engine optimized) keywords for every product of yours. An elaborate, all-fields-appropriately-filled catalogue will ensure better and higher ranking in Amazon product categories. You can also avail A-Plus Cataloguing Services through us that will allow you to describe more about your product and give advanced information. Remember, the more intricate a description is, the higher rank a catalogue gets, thus, increasing the impressions and eventual sales.

Advertising Campaign

Advertisement is a necessary means of communication to draw good attention towards your product and persuade people to buy it. A judiciously planned advertising campaign with sponsored products optimization service on Amazon will provide proficient aid in boosting your sales. Adding keywords relevant to the products; suggesting bids for first page placements so as to have higher visibility, clicks and sales; and establishing specifically targeted campaigns by products, keywords and description are few of the advertising services that we provide.

Facilitation of FBA Services

If you want to have enhanced credibility as a seller and have ease of doing business on Amazon, you can use the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) services. As Amazon certified service providers, we facilitate in swift and safe transportation services of products to Amazon warehouses for FBA sellers. Based on a reliable process of scheduling a pickup, followed by arrangement of doorstep pick up of your product till its delivery at designated Fulfillment Center (FC), we ensure fast and robust service.

End-to-End Launch Assistance (Amazon Fly)

Always wanted to sell on Amazon, but didn’t know where and how to start from? Well, Amazon offers you an uncomplicated simplistic way to embark on your online selling journey by using the service called Amazon Fly. We at Prime Seller Hub help you create a flat file as per Amazon’s requirement and upload it onto Seller Central. We also request for brand registry and/or obtain exemptions to list products without barcodes (UPC exemption) on your behalf. We extend our services to facilitate you on registration, setting up of account, product listing, imaging, and cataloguing.

Training Sessions

A good intensive training has immense potential to empower sellers onboard to use the Amazon dashboard optimally to their advantage; improve the experience of managing their Amazon accounts and realize their goal of bigger and better sales. Being a part of the ASN, we offer dedicated in-person training covering the following modules: UPC & brand registration, account settings, shipping settings, how to add products, manage inventory, fees on Amazon, order processing, managing returns, account health and performance management, and buyer communication. Training sessions with us foster good spirit among sellers and help in building an enriched Amazon community.

Managing your Amazon account

Prime Seller Hub as Amazon certified service provider takes care of your overall Amazon Account Health Management by ensuring prompt customer communication, within 12 hours; tracking metrics and monitoring it regularly; and managing A-to-Z claims and return disputes completely. Our highly qualified and specialized team of agile consultants offer strategies for sales, pricing, and tips to improve overall health of the account. As a part of daily operations, we facilitate in processing day to day orders, inventory and price management, generation of monthly reports, creation of deals and promotions etc.

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